Effects of Long-term Testing in Facebook Ad Campaigns

Hey. Jamie here. I want to show you the effect that the testing and tweaking has long-term, and the effect that reducing cost per lead has long-term. Because a lot of what I do, a lot of the stuff I talk about is local business, it tends to be really short campaigns.

You might have a promotion or an event or something running for a week, a couple of weeks. Maybe a month, something like that, and so you don’t necessarily see a massive difference from testing because it doesn’t run long enough to have a huge effect.

Still worthwhile doing, but this is a really good example of the difference that it can make with a bit of testing over the long run.

This is the campaign that I got brought in to help with. Well, you can’t see the lifetime here because I didn’t want to show the whole screen for client confidentiality reasons. This campaign has been running for a couple of years. You can see here, what we’re looking at.

This is the initial ad set that the company are running and it has over a million reach.

It brought in a hell of a lot leads. 1,720 leads at what was a very good price for them, 6 pound, 93. I won’t talk about their ROI. I won’t give it away, but that is worth a lot of money.

They spent almost 12,000 pounds and they brought in that many. They thought, “Okay, we’ll bring it to a million.” I’d been recommended.

I had a look through their account and said, “Okay, I think I can beat that price. Let me try a few things.” A couple of ad sets that we ran and a few different adverts within those ad sets to test different things.

Testing different headlines, different images, that sort of thing. It’s a really good example of what happens long-term.

To go through the numbers. I ended up bringing 1,438 leads. That’s 668 here, plus 770 here. Combined cost for these two figures here was 6,348 pounds. I’m sorry, 6,382 pounds 49.

That averages out at 4 pounds 44 per lead, compared to their 6 pound 93. It might not seem like a huge difference. If, say for example, you’ve got a return of 50 pound per lead, well then, yeah. You either make 40 pounds or you make 43 pounds, or you make 45 pounds.

Not a huge difference. Here’s the thing. Because this has been running long-term, if we’ve been using this, if this ad, if their leads, 1,720.

If that had come through at 4 pounds 44 each, that would have cost them 7,634 pounds total. What that means, that they would have saved a lot. They would have made more profit to the tune of 4,290 pounds.

Bear in mind, this is just one campaign over the course of, maybe, I think my variation’s been running for about 8 or 9 months. Rather, my ads have been running for 8 or 9 months.

Think about over, this is going to run for a few years. 4000, that’s basically, it’s about 400 … What’s that? About 400 pounds a month, really.

You think what this change can have 400 pounds a month impact. Think of that long-term.

This is one campaign of many.

A really good example.

Remember to keep testing and the effect it has long-term is huge.

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