Effects of Long-term Testing in Facebook Ad Campaigns

Hey. Jamie here. I want to show you the effect that the testing and tweaking has long-term, and the effect that reducing cost per lead has long-term. Because a lot of what I do, a lot of the stuff I talk about is local business, it tends to be really short campaigns.

2 Lessons In Running Facebook Ads

Hey, Jamie here and so I got a couple of really specific Facebook Ad lessons today.Number one is rules can be broken. Number two is trust and have faith in Facebook’s algorithm.So, I worked with a client about coming up to a year ago now and they ran the business. I won’t say what type of business it was, but they ran a busine

Why HUSTLING to BE EVERYWHERE is wrong for your business.

There is a trend I see growing.People want to be on every platform possible these days… but Why?I get it, when you’re starting off, trying to grow your business- you want to take every opportunity you can. You hear everyone talking about HUSTLE, and there are a couple of things that can be going through your head: