Effects of Long-term Testing in Facebook Ad Campaigns

Hey. Jamie here. I want to show you the effect that the testing and tweaking has long-term, and the effect that reducing cost per lead has long-term. Because a lot of what I do, a lot of the stuff I talk about is local business, it tends to be really short campaigns.

How to Compute the Lifetime Value of a Client

So this is a quick little video taken from a talk I did about the most expensive mistake that I see people making when it comes to Facebook ads, and running Facebook ads for their business.And this is the thing, people don’t take into account lifetime value of a client. The reason this is so huge is that without knowing this number and without knowing what you can then do with the number, which we’ll get to later in the

2 Lessons In Running Facebook Ads

Hey, Jamie here and so I got a couple of really specific Facebook Ad lessons today.Number one is rules can be broken. Number two is trust and have faith in Facebook’s algorithm.So, I worked with a client about coming up to a year ago now and they ran the business. I won’t say what type of business it was, but they ran a busine

The Copycat Trap in Business Marketing

Hey, Jamie here.If you run a local business, say, you’ve got a brick and mortar shop, an office, a showroom, a restaurant, a practice, or you offer a service to a specific location,then, you’re gonna need to figure out how to get new clients and you’re gonna need to figure out how advertise what you do. That means that you might fall into the trap that thousands before you have fallen into, as well.

How Facebook Ads Work (Learning Facebook)

Learning Facebook can be tough. Learning anything can be toughWe live in a world where we have an endless amount of information at our fingertips.We can basically choose to learn about anything from anywhere, at any time.Map of all Devices on the Internet – from imgur So why aren’t we all experts at everything we choose?

The Art of A/B testing (on a landing page)

It clearly wasn’t working.7 days and only 4 conversions.Something had to change – so what did I do?We’ve all been told that A/B testing is the clear path to success, riches and worldly power – but:

Is your local business right for Facebook Ads?

There is a trend I see growing.People want to be on every platform possible these days… but why?As much as most Internet Marketers would like you to believe – not every business is a good fit for every tool/ traffic source/platform.