92 step plan to find your personal magic bullet solution

Learn from me.

This super simple strategy is easy to follow along with, and will help anyone find their magic bullet, their shortcut to hitting their goals and achieving their dreams in no time at all.

Here’s my journey:

Fell into some great circumstances, rolled with it, had a good time.

Then had to get a job.

Thought “I fucking hate having a job.”

Saw successful people online, got inspired.

Thought “If I work for myself, I can make more money and work less hours”

Scraped around, read stuff, watched stuff, joined groups, did a little bit of work.

Got some mixed results, learnt a bit from it, but needed a better plan.

Went back to the drawing board.

Came up with a new idea – spent 3 weeks figuring it out, planning it.

Spent 4 days working on it, but didn’t get anywhere. Shelved that one for a later date.

Figured I was doing something wrong. Needed to find the magic bullet.

Read more, listened to more, watched more.

Found recommendations from other people for systems they had started working on, strategies and resources that were starting to bear fruit for them.

Looked into it.

Dedicated a whole week to researching it – knew this was the one.

Threw myself into it.

Worked for 2 days straight. Seemed to be on the path to success.

Regular life interrupted my work for a few days.

Got back to it, but didn’t feel as pumped.

Saw a post about a different angle that I hadn’t thought of before.

Made a clever pivot to doing this, still could use some of my previous work.

This was it. It would mean more money quicker.

Spoke to people about it.

Made a Facebook page and website. Only took a few days.

Spoke to potential clients – they agreed it was good.

Kept pushing, started figuring out the details.

Hit a roadblock, kept going.

Kept hitting the roadblock – realised it was too big to get over.

Got annoyed, but realised the path I was going down wouldn’t have suited me anyway.

Took time to re-evaluate where I wanted to go.

Read, listened, watched more.

Found a system that connected with me, with what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be.

Made a big fuck-off email list of people to contact, took days over it – it was gold.

Found other people who were doing the same thing, followed their advice, found some awesome shortcuts.

Feeling great, now just needed to get out there and do it.

Was procrastinating, realised I needed to tie-up some loose ends first so I could concentrate on it.

Back to it – felt motivated and good-nervous.

Day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4 – kept going. Doing good, making progress, getting somewhere.

A few of the deals didn’t happen, then a few more. Something about this plan didn’t work for me.

Realised I wasn’t passionate about it. Not enough to grind through.

Reflected on my passions. Obviously I needed to be doing something that fueled my passions.

Couldn’t figure out what.

Read some more.

Spent 6 weeks giving each idea a few days to see if it clicked.

One did for a while. Another was good but I didn’t have the resources to do it.

Got angry – why does nothing work for me?

Enough was enough.

Time to get serious.

Time to focus and niche down.

Found a thing that could work, actually invested money as well as time in the course.

Followed the main instructions, but some of them weren’t for me.

Learnt a bunch.

Made a website.

Kept going.

Got a fucking client.

Sent a fucking invoice.

Real fucking money came into my bank account.

Did some work for the new client – probably could’ve been better, but did what I said I would.

Was looking for more clients.

Spoke with a potential client, we came up with a new product to add to my business.

They bought it right then and there.

First client dropped off.

No problems, I’ve got 2 things to offer now, then came up with a third.

Improved my website, added the new products, worked on the copywriting.

Kept working hard, whenever time allowed. No new clients coming in though.

Signed up for some motivational courses.

Signed up for some productivity courses.

Realised I had stopped reaching out to potential clients.

Was just doing busy work.

Saw a post by the guys from the system I tried 18 months ago.

They were doing awesome, super steady good income, having a great time.

I had no income, was pissed off.

Made a plan to get my shit together.

Wrote an 8-step morning routine.

Implemented productivity hacks.

Never managed to cross everything off my to-do list, couldn’t figure out why.

Read more, watched more, listened to more.

Found a new podcast.

Joined a mastermind call.

Listened to other people’s struggles.

Could tell what they were doing wrong.

Offered advice. Felt good.

Told them my problem was not doing the work.

They told me to do the work, but the most important stuff first.

Went to a library. Did some work.

Real work this time, reached out to potential clients.

Did it again the next day.

And the next day.

Heard back from one potential client.

Realised that actually putting in the work consistently was good.

Found my magic bullet.

Wrote this post.

Now back to the consistent work.

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