My Local Ads FB Ads System

It really is surprisingly simple to get great results for local service businesses.

but as with everything in life, the devil is in the details.

Basically, its 3 things – A great offer, A great Lead ad, and instant followup

Step 1. – Research

  • Get clear on your USP, 
  • your positioning, 
  • who your clients are.

Step 2. – Know your numbers

  • How much does an average client spend (Lifetime Value)?
  • What’s the profit on that?
  • How much can you justify spending per new client?
  • How many new clients do you need?
  • Why that many?

Step 3 – The offer

  • Use my 10+4 system to come up with a great offer (I’ll find that and link to it below)
  • Not free

Step 4 – Use a lead ad (landing pages might work better, but this is quicker and easier)

  • Target a local radius
  • Aim for a subset of your clientele.
  • Why me, Why You, Why this, Why now?
  • AIDA

Step 5 – Instant followup

  • Use automations to make it instant.
  • Call them within 10 minutes max
  • Keep calling until you get hold of them

Step 6 – Iterate

  • Track the numbers
  • Test new variables (headline, copy (offer), visual, lead form, followup)
  • Concentrate on ROI