How making 1 Change In Your FB Ads Can Get You Email Signups 379.4% Cheaper

About 10 years ago – I was actually pretty cool.

I ran a small holiday business in the mountains,

I travelled to places like the Algarve, Whistler and St Tropez to cook for fancy people,

(I actually cooked for royalty),

I had long hair,

I was even a qualified ski instructor.

In fact, my life was designed around going skiing as much as I could.

I was all about skiing off big cliffs and big jumps.

The thing I couldn’t do though was big spins (and being able to do a 540 or a 720 was pretty much winning at life as far as I was concerned),

This consumed me.

I tried and failed, tried and failed. 

Broken goggles, snapped ski poles, bruised shins and bent back thumbs… I couldn’t get it.

It was especially annoying because there was a guy I skied with a lot who started off unable to do much, but after just a few months was WAAAY better than me.

Until, that was – I changed just one thing.

A rondom French guy was sat watching people in the ski park (the big of the mountain with all the jumps and rails etc), and as I got to the top, about to set off, he called me over 

“ay man, you know ze problem wiz your rotation?”

“Um, no?”

“you uh, you lead wiz your arms. Iz no good, you must move your head, uh, and your shoulders first instead.”

“Oh, umm OK – thanks man”

“ay no problem :-)”

And boom, just like that, I became a pro and won the X games…

Well not quite, but that one change made all the difference, I had been raging myself round with my arms, and it put me off-balance, but by concentrating on my head and shoulder instead, I was much more balanced, and stopped breaking myself – WIN!

The lesson stuck with me, and I now always keep it in mind when I’m running advertising for my clients.

You don’t always need a major overhaul.

Especially with something as complex and confusing as FB ads, often there’s just a little tweak here or there that can make all the difference.

That was the case with a financial services client a while back – they made 1 single change based off my recommendations, and it slashed their lead cost basically overnight.

Want to know what those little tweaks might be for your ads?

Book an audit and I’ll tell you.