Facebook ads

Know you could be getting
better results from your ads?

A Facebook ads audit is for companies who are using FB ads to get signups/sales/clients, but know they could be doing more.

We will tell you what you're doing well, what you're not doing well, and then give you a clear plan of action for improving things.

Jamie provided us with a detailed, thorough audit on our FB ad account filled with a number of actionable insights. The audit process was smooth and he provided assistance throughout, and a lot of time and thought into his analysis and recommendations. 

We’d recommend his audit to all businesses looking for simple ways to make improvements to their social ads.

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The 9 Elements of a full Facebook Ads Audit

Here’s what the audit covers, and why.


Is your account setup properly? A clear and easy to understand protocol will allow you to track and edit the things you need to efficiently and without confusion.


Is there a clearly defined picture of the people you are speaking to? Putting out broad/vague/wrong messages that don’t resonate will stop people from taking action.


How focused is your targeting? Is it too narrow/ too broad? Are you wasting money on people/placements that aren’t converting?

Messaging / Offer

Are you using direct response marketing techniques so that you can measure and maximise your results? A clear and compelling message is the surest route to getting signups/sales.


Are your photo’s/video doing their job? Are they setup properly? Are you using too much text? knowing which visuals work best allows you to get cheaper clicks.

Landing pages

Where is your traffic going? Is there a clear focus and high levels of congruency from the advert? Spending money to send people to a dead end is a very easy (and common) way to lose money.


Are you using the right objectives for your goals?
Even if you know your clients, and have a great offer, set it up using the wrong objectives, and results will suffer.


What tests are you running to make sure that your results improve over time? What tests should you be running? Without testing, your results will not improve over time.


Is your overall strategy based on sound principles? Is it likely to work? Are you setting yourself up for long-term success? Lack of clear/solid strategy is a huge issue that needs to be resolved.

Like many organisations we decided to ramp up our investment in paid social in 2020. As part of this effort, we wanted a health check of our efforts on paid Facebook using data from the past few years.
We reached out, and very quickly Jamie performed a robust audit of our Facebook account. Even under the trying circumstances of March 2020, he managed to deliver an audit that was informative and actionable.
We are currently in the process of implementing the advice, and are looking forward to improving our ways of working with the platform and our key metrics. Of particular use to us so far has been Jamie’s in-depth knowledge of testing and optimisation.
zane ford

Zane Ford

Head of Digital, Greenpeace Africa

A Case study of how powerful an audit can be.

I was brought in initially to audit this businesses campaigns.

Along with Google Ads, the business relies heavily on FB ads, and they spend £2000+ a month.

They had a campaign that had brought in over 1700 leads in 18-ish months at a cost of just under £7 per lead (a Cost Per Lead which they were perfectly happy with).
Using the suggestions from the audit, they went in, tweaked some settings, set up some tests and left the campaign to run.
9 months later, I was back working with them again, and had a chance to see how ‘my’ ads had done.
See the image below for the results, the ones with JPWF are ‘mine

(click the image to see it bigger)

They brought in 1438 leads at a cost of £4.44 per lead.
That doesn’t seem like a huge difference at first, but at this scale, it means that my ads have made them £4290 more profit.
That’s free money.
And that’s just one campaign out of the 5+ they run long-term.
And that’s with just one set of changes set-up 9 months ago rather than being routinely monitored and tweaked.
So you can see how even profitable campaigns are often leaving money on the Whats the next step?

What You Get


60 £
  • Automated analysis of your ads account.
  • Check your KPI's against industry standards
  • Highlight audience issues

A quick appraisal of where your ad account stands in terms of the numbers.


£ 250
  • A multi-page PDF document
  • Deep diving into the 9 areas described above.
  • Pointing out areas that need improvement.
  • And detailing exactly how I would fix them.
  • Plus, we get on a 45-60 minute video-call, going through each point together, whilst looking at your ads account.
  • So you can see exactly what I'm talking about as we look at it.

For those who are serious about growth and to be shown a clear plan to take their ads up a level.


We aim to provide a LOT of value with these audits.

If you are not completely convinced that the plan we’ve detailed for you will get you 20x what you paid for the audit, you can get a full refund.