Why You SHOULDN’T Be Running Facebook Ads

Just focus on the ONE that works best

If you don’t fit the criteria, save yourself the time & effort.

One of the books that’s had the biggest impact on me in the last 12 months is Michael Masterson’s ‘Ready Aim Fire’

It was recommended to me by Dan Meredith, and honestly, if Dan recommends a business book, I’m going to read it (well listen to it actually, I prefer audiobooks)

Masterson outlines what your priorities should be at different stages of growing your business.

The bit that really stuck with me (and part of the motivation for the way I position my business), was about how to think about getting clients when you’re small.

Paraphrased roughly, here is what he says:

Once you have a product or service that people are happy to pay for, your sole focus should be on creating an ‘Optimum Sales Strategy’ (find the single best way of selling your thing) and using that single method of selling it to grow.

4 questions to define your OSS:

1. Where are you going to find your customers?

2. What product will you sell them first?

3. How much will you charge for it?

4. How will you convince them to buy it?

You hopefully know the answers to 2 & 3, and number 4 comes down to using Direct response marketing techniques.

But it’s number 1 that catches people out.

There are hundreds of options available to business owners when it comes to WHERE to go to find customers.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Cold emails, radio ads, networking, banner ads, cold calling, referrals, JV’s, events, trade-shows, your website, AdWords, content marketing, FB ads and plenty more……

How do you know where to focus?

In Ready Fire Aim, Michael Masterson says one thing that stuck out for me massively.

JUST FIND OUT WHAT’S ALREADY WORKING IN YOUR INDUSTRY, AND DO THAT (but with your own USP/personality/offer thrown in).

It’s so simple, that I think it’s easily overlooked by many.

Because the truth is, any and every of those options above COULD, and probably WOULD work for your business, if you really focussed on them long-term…

But the shortcut is to just focus on the ONE that works best.

Not only will you get results quickest, but all that time and mental energy you’ll save by stopping all your half-arsed tweeting/blog writing/whatever will be able to be redirected to other areas where they are better served.

So, which is it for you?

Have a look at your competition, speak with people in your industry.

If Facebook ads don’t have a history of working for your industry, you should look elsewhere first.

THIS is why if you run a local service business that doesn’t have a solid and scalable client-getting system yet, I truly believe you should be focussing solely on mastering FB ads right now.

and THIS is why I’ve chosen to work with businesses who are ALREADY running ads.

They know that they work, I know we can improve their ROI, so I don’t spend my time trying to sell to people who aren’t already half-sold.