Why I Didn’t Get Chosen For X Factor

I am not a good singer.

I quite like singing, and when I’m alone, or just with Emma/the kids – I’ll happily sing my heart out, in fact one of the things I love doing with the kids is making up silly songs about them to try to get a laugh.

But I’m not good at them.

Lots of people are good – like Emma.

Lots of people are bad, like me.


This is simple (I’m a big fan of simple)


Unless you’ve either

a) practiced all your life

b) inherited some kind of prodigal gift

You probably won’t be getting asked to sing to people any time soon.

– – seamless segue coming – –

You know what else is hard?

Facebook ads.

There are lots of moving parts, you need to understand multiple things and put them all together, technology, psychology, design, direct marketing.

So if you just spend 20 minutes throwing something together one evening after dinner, do you really expect to get great results?

1. the ability to quickly master hard things

2. the ability to produce at an elite level (in terms of both quality & speed)

In his book Deep work, Cal Newport says that one of the few groups of people who can stand out and thrive in this new economy (where you can hire the best from anywhere and machines are replacing people for the unskilled jobs) is those who can work well & creatively with intelligent machines. and that the 2 core abilities required to become one of these people are:

Facebook is undoubtedly a very intelligent and powerful machine.

So you best put in more effort than just a casual 20 minutes with the telly on.

Or just hire an expert and get back to watching Ru Paul.