Which Would You Choose?

Which of the following headlines would be more likely to make you click?

A) Get 20+ more leads every month.

B} Cut business stress overnight with 20+ new leads coming to you every month so you can just get back to delivering a killer service.

Which one would you choose?

Maybe it doesn’t relate to you, maybe you’d re-write it, but I expect you’d choose B.

How we present what we do is one of the biggest factors of successful advertising, and successful marketing as a whole.

Why is B better?

Well A is better than most offer, at least it’s specific.

But B also attached emotion and connects the offer to an outcome.

Try it with your offer:

  •        What do you do?
  •        Make it more specific
  •        Add emotion
  •        Add an outcome

The ability to take that great offer, tell a story that enhances it, add in a compelling visual, put it in front of the right people, and then keep testing to improve the results…

That’s pretty much the recipe I follow to profitable FB ads campaigns for my clients.

So get started making better offers.