With online marketing, ever get the feeling there are just too many ‘platforms’ for comfort? Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, cold emails, radio ads, networking, banner ads, cold calling, referrals, JV’s, events, trade-shows, blog, AdWords, content, FB ads…

How do you know where to focus? 

In ‘Ready Fire Aim’, Michael Masterson says one thing that stuck out for me massively. Just find out what works for others in your industry, and do that (With your own USP/personality/offer thrown in).

It’s so simple, that I think it’s overlooked by many. 

The truth is, any and every one of those options above COULD, and probably WOULD work for your business, if you really focus on them long-term… But you probably don’t have the bandwidth to do them all at once.

There is a shortcut though: just focus on the ONE that works best. This gets you results quicker than half-arsing all of them.

Study your industry. If Facebook ads don’t have a history of working for your competitors, you should probably look elsewhere first. 

I work with people who tend to get this – because they are already putting focus & money into their ads. If they already know that FB ads work for their business, I know we can improve their ROI. 

Where do you focus?