The Ugly Truth

Jamie here.

There’s a worrying truth that a LOT of businesses don’t want to acknowledge.

I used to run a ski holiday business (that’s not the thing they don’t acknowledge, that would be odd)…

In reality it was me working as a private chef, but organising the whole shebang, and packaging it as something bigger than it was.

The business did great.

Well, that’s a half-truth – it didn’t do great financially, but it did let me go skiing most days, and let me live in a pretty awesome place, and that was always the plan, so job done.

Except – after 10 years of running ski chalets, I started to get tired of getting up at 6am to go cook breakfast, and not finishing until 9-10pm, and working 6 days a week.

Yes I had 5 hours off at lunch every day, and could ski or do anything else I wanted in that time (which I now realise- more than I did at the time – was a real luxury), but still.

It was tiring, I didn’t LOVE it anymore – and I was ready for a change.

So I figured I would just sell the business for a nice chunk of money, and use that to fund my next thing, whatever that turned out to be.

The trouble was – once I started really looking into it, and speaking to business brokers…

It became worryingly clear that my business was basically worth nothing.




Because all the business really was, was me.

I could make decent money from it, but once I was taken out of the picture, there really wasn’t anything to sell.

An email list of a few hundred people.

An easy-to replicate website.


All the other stuff, good local relationships, customer loyalty, my experience, were worthless to anyone else.

And it hit me really hard how fragile it all was.

So fast-forward almost 10 years to now,

And THAT fragility – is what I see now with A LOT of small businesses. Especially local businesses or online coaches.

There are loads of people making a nice living, doing a thing they care about.

Yoga teachers, Copywriters, B2B coaches of some kind or another.

All great at what they do, but what would happen if they stopped being able to work for some reason, or if they wanted to sell the business and move on.

OR, and this is the big thing…

What if their current way of getting clients stopped working?

This is huge problem

This is EXACTLY what happened to a client of mine a couple of years ago.

He was a personal trainer, he got new clients from the gym he worked from, he would help people out and build relationships, and get clients…

Then without notice, the gym got bought out.

And the new owners change the way they do things, stop sending him clients, and the whole place gets quieter and quieter.

So through no fault of his own he main source of new clients basically stops overnight.

And THAT is an ugly but situation for a lot of people.

It wouldn’t take a lot for their whole business to just die.




So what’s the answer?

And especially – what’s the answer for people who aren’t looking to become a big business, who don’t want to be sat at the computer for hours every day.

People who just want to do the thing they’re good at, helping people, but get paid well for doing it, and not have this nagging stress that it could all go away at any moment.

The answer is – you need a system.

A reliable system for getting new clients when you need to.

And that’s what I built for that Personal trainer client.

We set up some adverts on Facebook, and in 2 weeks we’d brought in enough leads to give him an extra £14k from new clients over the year.

So when he needed more clients, he could just start it up again, make the changes I showed him how to make, and bring in more.

It really can be that simple (It’s not always, but it can be).

So here’s the question.

What would it mean to you to be able to bring in new clients whenever you wanted to?

How different would your business, and your life be, if that nagging ‘client-getting’ stress wasn’t 

there any more?

And you could just concentrate on delivering an amazing service to your happy clients?

Maybe you should get on that.