If you’ve run any FB ads for your business and NOT got the results you want, then this is going to change your approach immediately.

I’m going to explain the secret – the bit that doesn’t tend to get talked about much in public – but first the context – how I discovered and learnt to use it.

I’ve been studying marketing since 2007 (when I ran a ski holiday business in the French Alps) and have been running FB ads since 2014 (as marketing manager for an Ecommerce business). 

I quit that job and have been running ads for business and my clients’ for the 6 or so years since. 

I’ve audited, managed and run ads for all kinds of businesses in all kinds of industries – from Global Brands like Greenpeace and TEDx to one-man-band personal trainers and my own Ecommerce store that I launched with my better half during lockdown.

And diving into hundreds of ad accounts, you naturally notice the patterns.

I found 2 key things.

The first one is no surprise to anyone, it’s understanding of basic marketing and copywriting principles.

You need to be selling something people want, at a price that they see as good value, 

You need to understand who those people are, where they are, and then you need to make them a compelling offer.

Clearly, without that stuff, you’re going to have a hard time – and so the ad accounts I saw that didn’t do that, weren’t profitable.

But the second thing I saw – surprised me.

There was no pattern.

They just weren’t doing the same things.

Sometimes I’d see a super profitable campaign using xyz strategy, and other times I’d see someone doing the exact opposite and smashing it.

The only real thing they had in common was that they tried a bunch of stuff – they tested loads of approaches, and learnt what worked for them.

And that’s it – testing – that’s THE SECRET.

And that’s why whenever you see ‘guaranteed profit ad templates’ or ‘use THIS FUNNEL to 10x’ blah blah blah – it’s nonsense.

Yes, you need to understand basic marketing & copywriting.

Yes, FB’s algorithms change, and certain settings in the backend will affect your results…

BUT the only real way to find out what works for you – is to test stuff.

It’s not sexy.

There isn’t a guaranteed formula.

There’s the often slow and boring work of systematic testing.

That’s the secret of profitable ads campaigns, and that’s the approach you need to start using today.