For B2B businesses feeling a bit lost and in need of direction:

The Marketing Map

Get your lead generation back on course by combining the 7 elements needed to map out (and navigate) the journey to your goals.

If you've followed numberous paths - all promising to lead you to the lands of plenty - but none have got you there, there's probably a reason.

My expertise is in helping B2B businesses get past the “we’re great at doing our thing, but our ‘random acts of marketing’ approach isn’t getting us consistent leads” stage by building the fundamentals of their message & offer so that they can apply them to their ideal marketing channels.

I think of marketing like a journey, imagine a grand voyage, and all the things you’d need to make that a success.

Now, my wife and I have just got back from an 8-month journey with our 3 kids under 9 in tow

Like, you couldn’t just rock up with a boat and plan to discover new lands.

There would be loads of stuff you’d need to get together, there would be things that needed planning.

And I think that’s pretty obvious, like people actually wouldn’t just set off randomly, with any old boat that found on Facebook a map they found in the local charity shop, and nobody that had any sailing experience.

But that seems to be the case with marketing sometimes, businesses seem to end up with a bit of a mishmash of things, no REAL strategy they have faith in, a mixed bag of skills, and end up feeling in need of direction.

That’s the idea with the marketing map.

Think of your marketing like this, here are the elements you need.

  • Starting point – marketing audit
  • Choose a destination – the promised land of consistent lead generation
  • A clear map – foundations doc
  • Learn to speak the language – understand your clients and write compelling messaging
  • Chart your route – marketing strategy/plan
  • Build your vehicle – the offer
  • Navigation – ongoing guidance along the way.