The 80/20 method to making a customer Avatar that will help you to sell.

It’s become a bit of a buzzword, but having a concrete client avatar in mind when trying to sell anything is soooo important.

If you try to go broad with your messaging, it probably won’t connect with anyone.

And if you don’t truly understand what’s going on in your clients head, they won’t trust that you can help them.

So what we do is sketch out a customer avatar, and write our copy to that one ‘person’.

And the way put that avatar is by asking questions.

When we start with a new client we have a 100-questions long sheet we work through to really dig deep,

But if you answer these 9, you’re going to be probably 90% of the way there.
(Credit to Colin Theriot I think for compiling these)

  • WHO is the specific target prospect?
    • Be Specific- Age, gender, employment, location, family, money?
  • WHAT is the nature of their specific problem?
    • Physical? Mental? Emotional? It’s annoying? It scares them? It frustrates them?
  • WHAT is your solution?
    • What exactly is it¬†you sell? What are the Features & Benefits?
  • WHY can’t they solve it themselves?
    • Find out why it isn’t ‘their fault’ What has stopped them in the past?
  • WHERE else does the problem affect them negatively?
    • Think about the ripple effects is has on other areas of their lives.
  • WHEN do they actually experience the problem?
    • How often? For how long? Is it situational?
  • HOW have they tried to solve it & failed?
    • List EVERYTHING they’ve tried, on their own, with competitors, with friends…
  • WHO are YOU to have solved this problem?
    • Why does your personal unique circumstances and experiences mean that you are the person they should trust?
  • WHY is your solution the best one available
    • What is your USP? – Why is your solution really the ONLY solution for them at this exact moment?

Figure these out & you’ll be able to show folks that you GET them.

And when selling anything, Get trust and that’s most of the battle won.

Let me know in the comments, which of these do you struggle with the most?

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