The 7 Steps to Getting ‘Rockstar Guru’ Success with FB Ads

  1. Write an advert about how amazing YOU are.
  2. Forget any kind of “specific offer” people are on Social Media to buy, they’ll jump on any chance.
  3. Use a picture of your team, or just you, or even better – your logo.
  4. Don’t overthink the FB ads platform, a £20 BOOSTED POST is the right choice for any campaign.
  5. Target your ads to EVERYONE – getting specific never helps anyone.
  6. Choose the “accelerated” ad spend option – that’ll get the money rolling in EVEN FASTER
  7. When Leads come in – Ignore them for a few days before responding – remember “Treat ’em Mean, Keep ’em Keen”

Done – just kick back and relax, you ROCKSTAR.