The 4 Reasons We Lose Clients

I just went back through our entire client history, it’s not something I see talked about much, but to me it’s interesting to share why clients drop off. 

These 4 Reasons are why we Lose 95% of our Clients

• Reason 1  – “The ads worked, but were just a one-off” – The client wanted to try running FB ads. Either they needed a quick influx of new clients (and were satisfied now they had them), OR they were just testing the water with FB ads & while they worked fine, it wasn’t as effective as other strategies. 

• Reason 2  – “We’re going to pivot” – The leads came in, but they weren’t set up to deal with them yet/properly, OR they decided to rebrand/pivot the whole business. I’m surprised how common this was & it led me to work with fewer startups.

 • Reason 3 – “Thanks for your help, we’ve got it from here” – With no long-term contracts, my clients are free to just take what I’ve set up and run with it. Sometimes this is annoying/ a bad call, But mainly it’s fine if I know they’ll likely get 60-70% of the results and without our monthly fee. 

• Reason 4 – was that the ads just didn’t work, this was a lower % than the above, but it does happen. 

Then there were a few random reasons, like bad health or me choosing to end things. 

I’m interested in other businesses, do you lost people for the same reasons or others?