The word ‘audit’ doesn’t exactly excite.

Telling people you’re an ‘Auditor’ probably isn’t getting you many swipes on Tinder

But unsexy or not, an audit can be INCREDIBLY valuable.

Here’s how a FB ads audit I did recently made a client £4290 from a single recommendation.

They’re a professional services business, and rely heavily on FB & Google ads for new leads.

1 main campaign of theirs had brought in over 1700 leads in 18-ish months at a cost of just under £7 per lead

(a Cost Per Lead which they were perfectly happy with).

The audit I did for them highlighted numerous areas they could reduce Lead cost and eliminate wasted ad spend.

They tweaked some settings, set up some tests and left the campaign to run.

Later in the year they came back to me, wanting to work together on an ongoing basis.

That meant I had a chance to see how ‘my’ ads had done.

They hadn’t put many of the recommendations in place (they were short on time, hence wanting to work with me), but

that main campaign I suggested a simple change for had brought in 1438 leads at a cost of £4.44 per lead.

That doesn’t seem like a huge difference at first glance, but at this scale, it means that my ads have made them £4290 more profit.

That’s free money.

And that’s just one campaign out of the 5/6 they run long-term.

And that’s with just one set of changes left to run for about 9 months ago rather than being routinely monitored and tweaked.

The lesson is that even seemingly profitable campaigns will have room to improve, and getting that unsexy work done can bring some pretty exciting results.