Facebook advertising

for Ecommerce businesses.

More traffic x Higher Quality + Less wastage = Higher profits

Jamie here (that’s me in the photo above), welcome to Healthy Leads.
We are a FB ads business focussed on identifying how to increase the quality and then the quantity of people coming into Ecommerce stores, so that you make more money.
We recently helped Greenpeace optimise and improve their fundraising campaigns across Africa, and I personally used the same principles that I implement for our clients to launch my own store with my fiancée, which has averaged an 8x Return On Ad Spend since launch in May 2020.
Companies pay us to manage their campaigns and love the results we bring (the non-secret to success with FB ads is proper account setup + lots of testing) and our clear communication, however the starting point for any new client is a Facebook ads audit – these audits are where we dive into the 9 key areas of an ad account to identify the areas of wastage and missed opportunity, and give you a report breaking them all down and giving clear instructions on how to fix each one.

We operate with no bullshit, no jargon no questionable ethics, and no locked-in contracts.

Who We've With:
Jamie Breese

Jamie is a true whizz when it comes to the often initially complex art of Facebook advertising.

We know it is effective but it can really help if you have an expert hold your hand through the process.
Healthy Leads offers a tailor-made service that be an intro or full-blown maintenance plan.
We engaged him just at the right point when we decided to invest in the platform to help us reach new would-be delegates for our 8th Business Showcase South West expo in Bristol.

Facebook themselves have delivered a Keynote and Instagram Workshop at our previous events so it was great to use them to make our event even better.
Jamie’s solid input made a big difference and helped us get loads of new sign-ups for the event.