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I'll double your leads in 30 days... for free

The “Surely this is too good to be true?” deal that takes B2B businesses from ‘random acts of marketing’ to ‘holy shit, this is really working’ without smoke and mirrors.​

Hi there – Jamie Forrest here,.

You’re right to be skeptical – but if you’ll humour me for a second, I’ll hopefully allay those fears.

Marketing & Lead Generation doesn’t need to be a source of endless frustration and confusion.

Not to say that it’s easy, but it isn’t THAT complicated, and if you’ll give me 7 minutes of your time by watching the below video, I’ll explain:

  1. Everything you need to know to create a consistent flow of leads into your business,
  2. Where you need to focus your energy to build that flow.
  3. How my (ridiculous) offer above works, should you want to take me up on it.
Jamie Forrest - marketing consultant

Lacking direction with your marketing?

Fed up with a lack of consistency?

Tried loads of channels/hacks/funnels/courses... without joy?

Welcome to my personal portfolio website. Here I share my journey through being the next business tycoon. I have already crossed a long way through ups and downs to reach my goal. Now I’ve been investing as an angel investor to help small ventures succeed. I’m paving the way for my surrounding businesses and hoping to create a business ecosystem where all of the individual businesses supercharge the others for a better result. Keeping this in mind, I have been creating insightful and relevant content to help people as a business advisor.

Welcome to my personal portfolio website. Here I share my journey through being the nest

I’m Investing In Many Online Startups As Well. Here Are Some Of The Recent Companies That I Have Invested In.

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