If you try to write an advert for EVERYONE, it will likely be boring or irrelevant and therefore ignored.So instead, try writing for specific people, or groups of people. But demographic data and interests are not the only way to put people in groups. Eugene Schwartz talks about Awareness levels. Knowing these concepts will help you position your brand or products better in any marketing campaign, as well as connect with your reader (potential customer) so they see your product as the only solution to their problem.

Awareness levels:

Most Aware. These are your best customers – your repeat buyers. They’re brand loyal. They’re enthusiastic about your products. They attend your customer events. 

Product Aware. These prospects know your product, but haven’t bought it. They’re familiar with your competitors’ offerings. They’re just not sure if your solution is best for them. 

Solution Aware. Solution aware prospects know about solutions like yours, but don’t know your specific product or service. If your company isn’t well known in their industry, they may not have heard of you. 

Problem Aware. Problem aware prospects know they have a problem, and have some idea of what that problem is, but they may not completely understand it. They haven’t dealt with this problem before. They’re totally unfamiliar with possible solutions. 

Unaware. These are prospects who don’t realize they have a problem. They simply don’t know a better way exists.

If you have a new product that addresses a major drawback of previous solutions, most of your prospects may be at this level.

You must write your ads with the awareness level of the reader in mind. The higher the awareness of the audience, the more specific you need to be. Show that you are also aware of their problems. Point out how your solution solves not only the general problem, but also the annoying little quirks most other solutions have.