You don’t need to overcomplicate your FB ads to see results. A bare-bones funnel is all you need to generate revenue. You can always fine-tune later! Here are my tried-and-tested frameworks for the most common types of businesses.

95% of businesses overcomplicate their FB ads strategy. Sure, you can get great results with advanced funnels, upsells, tripwires, and all that fun stuff… but if you waste months building out these strategies instead of making money, I am telling you to STOP.

I audit a lot of businesses’ ads accounts, which means I see what is and isn’t working, here are some MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Facebook ads funnels, broken down into different business types.

These will massively improve your results over the randomness you’ve been experimenting with. You can add more to them later, but these are bare-bones frameworks that work. You’re welcome!

Local businesses (gyms, home cleaning, restaurants…)

  1. Facebook ad using a Lead Form (Lead Generation objective), with a great value intro offer.
  2. On the lead form, ask for a name, email & phone number.
  3. Call people up IMMEDIATELY when they fill out the form, and book them in.
  4. Keep following up via phone, text, email multiple times for 3 days.

Why it works:

  • Local businesses have in-built advantages compared to some businesses
  • Being able to call out your audience and location “HEY BOWLING FANS OF SPRINGFIELD” means you can get attention easily, and you already have more trust because you’re local
  • An obvious great offer gets people to sign up on impulse
  • By calling people up personally and immediately you keep the momentum going
  • Then you up-sell them after you do a great job on that first offer

This isn’t about making a profit on the first purchase, it’s about getting people in and profiting from the back-end sales.

How to approach it:

  • Use a genuinely great offer. 20% off something is not good enough. Keep coming up with ideas until you’ve got one that makes you think “shit, I would sign up for this in a heartbeat!”
  • Follow up – if you call within 5 minutes of a lead coming through, your chances of getting hold of people are massively increased. BUT, also keep calling/emailling/texting back until you get a hold of them – these people want what you’re offering, but they’re busy and easily distracted, so just keep calling and they will thank you for it.
  • Solid copy – Here’s a simple template to get you started:



Would you like [RESULT]?



Click now to claim your space before [SCARCITY]

E-commerce/Subscription boxes

  1. Make a 30-60 second video ad of your product, with a link to the product page.
  2. Retarget those video viewers with direct response marketing copy (a simple formula like “problem, agitate, solution” is fine). – Link to the product.
  3. Retarget those who viewed the product/added to cart with reviews / testimonials / case studies / discounts.

Why it works:

  • It uses Facebook’s strengths (the algorithm) to your advantage
  • Video views are cheap
  • The more hard-selling ads only go to qualified people

How to approach it:

  • For the video ad, use the Video Views objective, and focus on Showing/Demonstrating your product (intrigue rather than a hard sell approach)
  • Test different interests to target initially by splitting them into different ad sets
  • Then create lookalike audiences based on video views/product views/sales as you get them
  • Test continually – this is the basic structure, but you won’t know the specific combination of things that work until you test them
  • Be very clear on your numbers (lifetime value of a client, acceptable CPA) and keep them in mind

Service businesses (marketing, coaching, accounting…)

  1. Conversion campaign Facebook ad, which goes to a:
  2. Landing page, which offers a freebie in exchange for an email.
  3. Send an autoresponder sequence which then sells to them.

Why it works:

  • Because FB ads are getting more expensive, and email is basically free
  • So if you sell services that require a longer sales cycle, then email allows you to build relationships cheaply and long-term

How to approach it:

  • Deliberately DO NOT TRY TO SELL ANYTHING on the FB ad or the free thing
  • Instead, give a MASSIVE amount of value – try to really solve a problem or give a result that your target clients want
  • Ideas for the freebie:
    • report
    • pdf
    • video series
    • webinar
    • cheat sheet
    • checklist
    • template
    • training
  • On the Thank you page direct them to clickable button to download the guide
  • If you’ve got a FB group, get them to join when they get the download


  1. Create FB event page, link it to Eventbrite
  2. Event promotion ad
  3. Nurture via event page notifications & email
  4. Sell or Upsell at the event

Why it works:

  • Treating the event as the lead magnet, rather than trying to make a profit too soon, allows you to get more people interested cold
  • Combine that with being able to call out the location you’re in and attention is easier to grab

How to approach it:

Often the most successful versions of this are when the event is free, focussed on a single thing/outcome, and then you use that to sell peReverse engineer your course

  1. Use a series of video ads that teach the ’sexiest’ bit of what your course teaches
  2. The next step teaches the natural progression, leading to a webinar/workshop
  3. Give people the ‘what’, then charge for the ‘how’

Why it works:

You can gradually lead people down a path, increasing the amount of investment (time or money or attention) as the amount of trust builds.

How to approach it:

  • This works IF you know how to speak to your audience, IF you build rapport with them, and IF your course sells something they really want
  • Design it backwards, build it forwards
  • Look at what you teach and choose the bit people want most
  • Take that piece and turn it into an awesome workshop/webinar that teaches people ‘what’ they need to do, and then offers them your course to learn the ‘how’
  • Then repeat the same thing, turning the most ‘in demand’ bit of that workshop and give it away for free as an ad that goes out to a cold audience


  1. Create regular specials
  2. Use local radius video ads, showing the food/chefs/clientele
  3. Run a Lead ad with a coupon download
  4. Nurture via email

Why it works:

  • Building brand recognition when you sell nationwide or globally is difficult and pointless for most businesses…
  • But in your neighbourhood, you can become front-of-mind easily and stay there by putting out consistent content
  • This plays to the strengths of video on FB

How to approach it:

  • You’re going to be putting out a lot of content, because you’ve got a small audience and you’ll get through them quickly, and the aim of this is not to become annoying
  • You could do daily specials or weekly, it’s a case of putting things out and seeing what connects with people.
  • Don’t worry about production values, keep it simple, 30-60 seconds is fine
  • Lead form ads are easy, because people can exchange an email for a coupon, and you can then nurture people via email depending on what they’re interested in