Everyone says “we have great customer service”, “We care more”, “we’re great value”… 

That’s great, but this won’t make a difference… because everyone says that.

Show them how you are different!

Here are 9 things you can do to genuinely stand out:

  1. Have an offer that’s radically different from your competition
  2. Think of a different price, length, or target market than everyone else
  3. Be authentic, don’t hype everything you do. You may have “amazing opportunities”, but not all your offering will qualify for that!
  4. Provide actual value to your customers
  5. Really good free content that helps people is a great way to start a relationship
  6. Narrow down who you serve
  7. Focus on one segment at a time. What are THEIR challenges? Tailor your offer to them.
  8. Get results and SHOW them what you can do
  9. Don’t just show before and after, but TELL THE STORY.