Not getting the results from your FB ads that you could/should be?

90% of businesses we see are wasting money and missing opportunities with their Facebook ads.

We'll show you each one of those mistakes and lay out our complete 9-stage plan to fix them.

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You? Us?

Why you?

We work with businesses who are using Facebook ads but know they should be getting better results.
This means that they are currently running Facebook ads, or have been in recent history.
They are businesses who generally require a consistent stream of sales, signups or leads.
The industries we most commonly work with:

Why us?

Hi, I’m Jamie, I started Healthy Leads a few years back – originally it was just me working as a freelance Facebook ads guy, and I now lead a small team of talented copywriters and ads managers.

Between us, we’ve got a whole heap of experience, and have found that we can make the most impact working with businesses who already know the value of Facebook ads, but need them to perform better.  So that’s what we do.

Why Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are not the be all and end all – they will not fix a failing business, and they won’t turn a decent product into a golden goose overnight – but as part of a well thought out overall strategy, they are probably the best advertising platform in the world right now.

We always look to start off by running people through our audit process. This audit tells you EXACTLY how we would go about improving your results, and it tells us if we might be a good fit to work together.

Why now?

How long do you want to wait to start getting better results?

What difference would it make to your business and your life if your ads were bringing in twice the number of sales or leads for the same cost?

Why wait?

Jamie Breese

Jamie is a true whizz when it comes to the often initially complex art of Facebook advertising. We know it is effective but it can really help if you have an expert hold your hand through the process. Healthy Leads offers a tailor-made service that be an intro or full-blown maintenance plan.
We engaged him just at the right point when we decided to invest in the platform to help us reach new would-be delegates for our 8th Business Showcase South West expo in Bristol. Facebook themselves have delivered a Keynote and Instagram Workshop at our previous events so it was great to use them to make our event even better. Jamie’s solid input made a big difference and helped us get loads of new sign-ups for the event. Recommended.

Should you get an audit?

Let me make something clear - if you are using Facebook ads right now
in your business - You are WASTING MONEY.

You can find out what areas those are, and how exactly how to address them, by getting an audit.

And guess what – there is zero financial risk for you.