Case Study - Hatchet Harry's Axe Throwing

From 1 location to 5 - Fuelling growth in a local business via Ecommerce bookings.

Hatchet Harry’s Axe Throwing is a local service business started in Newcastle, UK – founded by Jack B.

The Problem

When we first spoke, Jack told me:

So the business was doing well, but there were 3 issues:

  1. The ads were doing ‘fine’ – but Jack saw room for improvement.
  2. He didn’t have the expertise to improve the performance of the ads.
  3. He didn’t have the time (or the inclination) to learn how to improve them himself.

We took a look at the ads and found that whilst he was doing a great job with the ad creative (the visuals and the text were strong) – there were areas we identified for improvement:

  • Targeting – he wasn’t testing variations of audience
  • Customer journey – he was running everything all together, rather than creating different ads to show to different people at different stages (i.e. people who have never bought before vs people who have).
  • Optimisation  – Ads were being left alone to run without being monitored. This is really common when the person in charge of them simply doesn’t have time to give to it, and is always a space for improved ROI.

As well as the ad performance issue – Jack was also looking to grow the business into multiple locations – so needed to trust that the ads could fuel that growth.

The Process

The ‘secret’ to success with any FB ad campaign is in the testing – and this is the case whether the business is local, national, or worldwide.

We started out by taking the existing ads, and applying best practice to them from the point of campaign setup and targeting.

Once we’d found the structure that worked consistently, we were able to replicate what worked best in the 2nd and 3rd locations when they launched, and used custom creative for each city.

The Bumps in the Road

The timing of the new locations opening coincided with Covid starting to disrupt services meant that we had to get creative.

Turning whole campaigns off (when the business was forced to close due to lockdown) is never ideal, but we made use of the natural scarcity involved in the deadlines to sell what we could when we could, and then sold vouchers ready for the re-opening.

The Results

We’ve seen 18 months of consistent (aside from covid lockdowns) growth – and we’re now (coming into summer 2021 at the time of writing) seeing our best returns yet.

Ad spend to date: £37,751.97
Tracked Conversion revenue: £131,889.51 (the true number will be higher, but not everything can be directly tracked)
Tracked Return on Ad Spend: 3.49X

The success of the business, and the growth fuelled by these ads, is now enabling Hatchet Harry’s to shortly open a 4th and 5th location, and we should continue to see the Return on Ad Spend grow too into 2022 and beyond.

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