At this point, my advice was simple:

“You might as well not bother.
It’s just not going to work,
there’s a better way.”

But I was ignored…

3 weeks and £xxxx’s later, I got a message back, saying maybe we should look at trying it my way.

This is a common mistake.

Loads of businesses in the UK have been using Google Adwords for years, and getting great results.

So now, with the growth of Facebook and the rising prices on Google Adwords, naturally, business owners have been trying to emulate their campaigns.

But so often they don’t work.

Why not?

Because people are approaching FB ads all wrong.

And if you ask yourself one important question before you advertise, it will make ALL the difference.

Here’s the thing:

Imagine I run an event management company.

One day I put on a great party: there’s balloons, mini sausages, fun music, someone making balloon animals, a bouncy castle…. all the best things.

And everyone has a great time.

So the next day, I’ve got another booking and I do everything exactly the same setup.

But I get kicked out, shouted at, and don’t get paid.

What happened?

Well, what happened is that the first party was for a 7-year-olds birthday.

And the second one was for a wake.

The mistake I made was not paying attention to why people were coming to the event – I just figured that it worked once so it would work again…

It sounds stupid and obvious – but this is the same mistake people make when they take their Google AdWords campaign and copy the whole thing over to Facebook, then wonder why they’ve spent £1200 without any bookings.

The question you need to ask yourself is:

What is my client doing here?

It’s all about intent.

Why do you use Google?

You and I use Google to find things out:
“What the weather like tomorrow”
“when should I renew my passport”
“the best movies of 2015”
“party planners Exeter”

People on Google are actively searching for things – and if you are selling the thing they are looking for, you need to make that as clear as possible to them, so they can click through and give you some money.

But Facebook doesn’t work like that.

Without getting too deep – people use Facebook because of a need for connection, identity, for self-presentation, and to avoid boredom or procrastinate.

They don’t use it to find a new business to give money to.

So if you rock up shouting “Hi, we sell this thing, buy it here now!”
guess what…

“You might as well not bother.
It’s just not going to work,
there’s a better way.”

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