Want to sell out your next event?

We bring people together at events they love by using a tried and tested system to Qualify, Connect, Nurture, Educate and Inspire your future attendees - The Connection Strategy.

The Connection Strategy - for Events

Here’s a breakdown of the 4-step strategy that we’ve developed over the past 3 years of selling event tickets through and Instagram.

Click on each step to read about how and why it works.

Here’s an easy and quick way to throw money away – Setup your ad campaigns wrong.
The setup isn’t glamorous, but it is important.

And when it comes to events, we’ve found a specific combination of assets, webpages & campaigns to consistently work best.

We’ll advise on what would be best for you, and help prepare anything you don’t already have live.

We create audiences to target:
    • Your Existing: Email lists, Social followers, Website visitors.
    • Lookalike audiences created from the above.
    • Plus use interest targeting to find new people
Then we create ads that speak to your audience and explain the big idea. 
This allows to self-qualify, and increases the quality of your audiences for the next stage of the campaign.
Creating Retargeting audiences from the first stage in the funnel, (everyone who self-qualified themselves above)
We nurture & educate them about the event, and what’s in store:
    • Event details (i.e. info on the speakers, or a breakdown of what will be taught)
    • Clips from previous events to set the tone and help them get a feel for the atmosphere and other attendees.
    • Sneak Previews from the upcoming event, pulling back the curtain and allowing people an insiders look.
Retargeting those people most likely to convert.
We show them:
  • Testimonials to inspire,
  • Risk reversal to ease their fears,
  • Scarcity to give them a reason to act now.
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Shall we get specific?

Book in a call at a time that fits you and we'll discuss exactly what you need for your events, and I'll help you plan out a strategy to do it.