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Fees start from £800 per month (depending on your ad spend and the scope of campaigns needed).

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You want to know the number 1 mistake most businesses make with Facebook ads?

They don’t have a solid strategy.

Boosting a post every week isn’t a strategy.

Spamming the same products to the same static audience over and over again isn’t a strategy.

Here’s an easy and quick way to throw money away – Setup your ad campaigns wrong.

The setup isn’t glamorous, but it is important.

Make a mistake here and it could cost ££££’s in wastage.

We plan everything out, and methodically go through each step, making sure that everything is as it should be, and then test it to be certain.

Copywriting can often feel like, a bit of a dark art in terms of the value of it. A lot of the time it is perceived just as a nice-to-have, but let me tell you something:

Persuasive. Copy. Is. Everything.

A great copywriter will get the reader to take action, and getting your prospects to do something is the entire purpose of advertising.

We will allay fears, explain features, highlight benefits, mix in social proof, tell stories and show your ideal customer how much they need you.

Sometimes this means starting from scratch. Sometimes we will use your existing content. Sometimes we will take a piece of yours and tweak it.

But one thing’s for sure – without strong copy, you’re not selling anything.

Now we get to the juicy stuff.

This is where you truly see the benefit of working with someone skilled.

Being able to analyse and interpret the data (marketing is becoming more and more a numbers game), and act accordingly is one of the skills that takes the longest to develop, and can’t really be shortcut.

We have spent ££££’s learning from the best in the world, and built up years of experience knowing when to scale, when to kill an ad, when to give it some time, and when the whole strategy is off and needs re-thinking.

Getting you a solid ROI isn’t enough, we also want you to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly where your money is going.

We don’t leave you in the dark, but instead give you regular updates.

Breaking down the data in plain English, explaining what we’ve been doing, what the results are, and what we plan on doing next.

Weekly reports are standard, and we can get on regular calls to update you if that’s how you want to do it.

Our Honest Service Promise

In advertising, nothing is certain, so there is no one-size-fits all guarantee.
But we do charge a serious chunk of money, often the biggest single monthly expense in your business.
(That’s how important getting a consistent stream of new clients/sales is.)
And I appreciate that, I know how much of a big decision it is.
So, what what we do is work out our goals and targets together.
A bespoke number based on YOUR business, YOUR numbers, YOUR conversion rates.
We’ll work out how many leads/sales/signups you need to make sure of a positive ROI.
Then we promise to put as much effort into hitting that (or beating it) as needed, with transparency at the forefront, so that you feel in the loop at all times.
One of the great things about Facebook ads from a business owner’s POV is that there’s nowhere to hide – all the numbers, all the conversions – they’re right there in-front of you.
We typically start with a period of testing*, which allows us to remove certain variables that are hurting your ROI, and this period will allow us to validate those targets and discuss them honestly and from a point of knowledge not guesswork or bravado.
[*The only time we wouldn’t do this is if you already have established high-performing ads, and we are just looking to take over the management and do long-term gradual tweaking, rather than any kind of overhaul.]
But honestly, I’m not taking you on as a client if there’s even a small chance that the whole thing will implode.
So there you go – YES we promise to give all we’ve got to hit your goals, YES we build targets based in reality, NO we do not have a guarantee.


But I hope you think that’s fair.

Shall we get specific?

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