Case Study - Saddlebox

Stabilising and Scaling to allow the business (and owner) to breathe again.

Saddlebox are the premier Subscription box company in the US for horse owners – they were looking to stabilise ad performance and scale the spend to allow for room for internal growth.

The Problem

The business owner, Phil, had done a great job of growing his business almost single-handedly, and he’d been looking after all the marketing efforts including their FB ads up to that point.

FB ads had been the primary driver of new subscribers, but costs had been steadily rising, and Phil’s time was too stretched to be able to work on the areas of business that needed his attention.

The Solution

We ran a full audit of their ads account and found room for improvement in a few areas, primarily the targeting and the creative.

On targeting – the ads had been running to very broad groups of interests – this didn’t allow for improvement over time because we couldn’t identify the best performing.

We ran a series of tests on both smaller clusters of interest targeting options and lookalikes, to find the most profitable.

On Creative – There had not been much testing done in terms of visual style and ad copy because of the bandwidth available to create these tests and analyse results.

We created several different creatives, using carousels, slideshows, videos and graphics to find the best performing – and tested multiple numerous versions of headline and ad copy to get the best Click-Through-Rates.

We found a combination of emotional ad copy and specific video types to perform best.

The Results

Over the course of 6 months, we were able to bring the subscription cost down by around a quarter, whilst also scaling ad spend up by around 50%.

But the real result was freeing up Phil’s time and mental energy – with this time he was able to move the business into a new bigger warehouse (the reason for wanting to scale up the ad spend) and also hire and train a deputy to take over many of the time-sucking jobs that took up too much of his day.

We were able to hand the ads account back over to Phil and his growing team to manage themselves, as they now had the time to give it, and a solid foundation to maintain.

From Phil