Case Study - Nosey Barker

2 events. 1 month.

Nosey Barker, run by Kim Kaye – is a successful dog training business based in the South East of England.

After I’d already been running ads for Kim’s local puppy training classes for a couple of months, we were tasked with getting sales for two separate B2B events she was running.

The Problem

These events were to a different audience from her typical ads, and priced much higher.
They also had a tight budget because of the speaker’s fees.

The Solution

These events were perfect for our ‘Connection Strategy’

With tickets priced at £285 & £550 respectively, to an audience not made up of unusually affluent people, we needed more than just a straight up pitch, 

On targeting – Lookalike audiences were no use because this was a different group from the existing clientele, so we had to start cold and test multiple different interests to gauge which would work and which wouldn’t

We used TOF (Top Of Funnel) ads designed to call out our audience and get the big idea across to them quickly and clearly

On Creative – We were limited in terms of creative, because these were the first events of kind kind run by Nosey Barker, so we didn’t have photos and video from previous events to give people a taste of what was to come.

We were then able to use testimonials about the teachers themselves, and about Nosey Barker in order to then build trust, and were able to go deeper into the details of the courses in order to make it very clear what people were signing up for (or missing out on).

The Results

Payment plans were made available for attendees of both events (3 months for 1 events, 5 months for the other).

I have no doubt that this increased the conversion rates, but it did also mean that tracking the ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) wouldn’t be 100%.

We filled the first event in a short period, and moved onto the next.

We sold 57 tickets total in around 1 month, and with a total ad spend of £1137.52.
Facebook tracked the conversion values at £6969.99, making a 6.13 ROAS – But in truth, once all payments come through, this will be north of 10 ROAS.

From Kim




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