Case Study - elk + forrest

Using the principles I teach my clients to set up my own store

elk + forrest is a houseplant business that I launched with my fiancee in May 2020.

It was lockdown in the UK, so we thought we’d spice life up a bit by building a new business.

We sourced suppliers from around Europe and jumped in.

The Problem

Zero existing assets of any kind, we had no audience, a new website with a new pixel, and no momentum.

The Solution

With any launch, you need to find a way to build momentum quickly, and then find a strategy that keeps things from fizzling out or going flat after an initial boost.


We started with a competition – offering people a chance to win a bundle of plants in exchange for joining our post and following our page.

From ad spend of under £50, we got 400 emails and a great bit of initial engagement.





From there it was a case of finding a profitable ad strategy that would allow us to reinvest early profit back in to the business to grow our client base.

On targeting – We were only serving people within a certain radius from our base, so there wasn’t much room for interest testing or Lookalike audiences, instead we would be relying on engaging Top of Funnel content and retargeting audiences to keep us top of mind.

On Creative – With products that are very social media friendly (houseplants being a great example), and where the business has a great frontman (in this case front woman, my fiancee), there is scope to build real brand loyalty with quality, personal content, and that’s what we did.

Typically, Ecommerce ads lean heavily on social proof in the form os reviews, but in this case our customers would like/comment on most things we put out, so the goal was to use the quantity of content and the variety of products available to create a never-ending stream of non-salesly posts to keep us in front of our audience in perpetuity.

The Results


We started strong, with Top of Funnel and Bottom of Funnel campaigns both hitting 10x Return on Ad Spend in May/June:


And those results stayed fairly consistent to date, with current numbers breaking down as follows:

Total ad spend: £3100.04 (limited by delivery capacity)
Total Conversion revenue: £21,390.55
Return on Ad Spend: 6.90X


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