Burnt Toast

I. LOVE. Toast.

I could quite happily live on toast alone for weeks (if it wasn’t for stupid myfitnesspal showing me that’s probably the reason I’ve had to go on a diet)

But for like 20 days or so last year, our toaster kept burning it.

It was really annoying.

“Why didn’t you just turn the dial down…!?”

Well… we did – (Durrr!)

BUT something was broken, and sometimes just didn’t bother popping up at all.

So if you’re like me and use the toasting-time to try to do ALL THE KITCHEN JOBS, then you don’t notice until it’s too late and you’ve smoked the room out. again.


So the point is that until we buy a new one, we just gonna keep getting annoyed over and over again.

I should’ve just logged onto which.co.uk or Amazon, spent 10-minutes finding out what’s good/ making sure I don’t end up with a crap one (and rocking up at Tesco and buying cheap electrical’s is never a good move) and bought it. 

But it actually went on for weeks before I found the time.

And that’s the same position that LOADS of the business owners I speak to are in with their marketing.

A while back, they paid for a nice shiny marketing machine. 

Maybe it was SEO, or local newspaper ads, or yellow pages… and it used to work fine.

Used to deliver new clients.

But now it doesn’t.

Now, instead of getting delicious hot leads whenever they push the lever, they’re just wasting money and getting try-to-scrape-off-the-bad-bits-but-its-still-inedible results.

And each time they try again, they don’t realise it’s not working until it’s too late and they’ve wasted more time and money.

If you’ve got a system that doesn’t work anymore and you aren’t capable of fixing it, then you need to replace it.

If you used to get loads of clients in, but an algorithm change screwed up your rankings, or Adwords has become too expensive, or the local newspaper ads don’t work like they used to…

Then stop waiting for the problem to solve itself and find a solution.

If you run an ecommerce business, then chances are FB ads are one of your best bets – the barrier to entry is low, the sales can be cheap, and the results are immediate.

How much nicer would your life be if you didn’t have to eat burnt toast again? 

I build client-getting machines for ecommerce businesses – if you think it’s time you got a new one, then get in touch.