Jamie Forrest

The Ugly Truth

Jamie here. There’s a worrying truth that a LOT of businesses don’t want to acknowledge. I used to run a ski holiday business (that’s not the thing they don’t acknowledge, that would be odd)… In reality it was me working as a private chef, but organising the whole shebang, and packaging it as something bigger …

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Avoid These 9 Biggest Mistakes To Not Screw Up Your FB Ads

I’ve audited hundreds of ad campaigns, from huge organisations like Greenpeace to startup dropshippers. There are 9 areas I pay attention to when doing these audits: Structure Objectives Targeting Placements Customer Avatar / Personas Copywriting Visuals Landing Pages Funnel / Strategy Here’s the most common mistake I see being made for each one: 1 – …

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Burnt Toast

I. LOVE. Toast. I could quite happily live on toast alone for weeks (if it wasn’t for stupid myfitnesspal showing me that’s probably the reason I’ve had to go on a diet) But for like 20 days or so last year, our toaster kept burning it. It was really annoying. “Why didn’t you just turn …

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