2 Approaches to FB Ads

I assume you’re trying to get more clients/sales?So with that in mind, there are two simple-enough options available for you.

1 – go straight for the sale

You’ll need visuals that really capture attention. Photos of happy customers often get great reactions.Then you need a killer option – something good enough for people to stop scrolling and pay immediate attention. This depends on how much a customer is worth to you, and how much you can afford to pay to get someone in for that first sale. Targeting wise – set the radius to the distance you know people will travel to be your clients, then test different small business-related interests in Facebook Ad Manager.For the ad copy – make it obvious who the ad is for, why they should pay attention (all about them, not you), and what they need to do next (i.e. click the button below to claim your 50% discount before they sell out)Then send those people to a page on your website that repeats the offer and gets them to fill in a quick form, and call them asap.

2 – build an audience first

Show people a piece of content (blog post or video) that educates them about the benefits of having **insert your solution**. Maybe find some industry statistics. But don’t pitch them at all, just focus on showing value. Then use the Facebook Pixel to create an audience out of those people, and make them an offer as above. The benefit of the second method is that you’re using the initial piece of content to qualify people, and the 2nd ad will therefore be shown to a much more relevant audience. Feel free to share if you find this useful!