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I Broke A Light

Story 1: A while back I broke a fiddly lightbulb and stabbed myself. Why?  Because I’m not an electrician, and despite thinking it looked simple enough – apparently it wasn’t, and both it and me got broken. Story 2: A friend I spoke to that same week spent £200+ running ads for his business and …

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The 60% of Facebook ads you should ignore

When you create a new Facebook ad – the first decision you make is an important one – choosing an objective.But what does choosing an objective actually do?I speak with a lot of business owners, and audit a lot of their FB ads accounts, and I get the feeling from these conversations – that this is a misunderstood area of FB ads.

Target like Robin Hood

You know who would’ve been decent at FB ads? Robin Hood.Now there was a man who knew the value of being able to aim.But targeting is one of the most often cocked-up areas when it comes to Facebook ads.

The 80/20 method to making a customer Avatar that will help you to sell.

It’s become a bit of a buzzword, but having a concrete client avatar in mind when trying to sell anything is soooo important.If you try to go broad with your messaging, it probably won’t connect with anyone.And if you don’t truly understand what’s going on in your clients head, they won’t trust that you can help them.So what we do is sketch out a customer avatar, and write our copy to that one ‘person’.